Full-duplex ASI-IP-ASI Converter Duo CW-4492

Full Duplex COnverter Front

Product Details

CW-4492 Full-duplex ASI-IP-ASI Converter Duo is capable of converting two independent ASI signals to the IP network, while its receiver unit reconverts two such IP data streams into ASI signals.


•  Two ASI inputs and two ASI outputs
•  10, 100 or 1000Base-T connection through RJ45 IP socket or 1000 Base-X connection through optical interface with receptacle for SFP module
•  Separate management port, web interface
•  SDRAM buffer for managing the congestions occurring on the IP network
•  Integrated TS analyzer and PID filter for inspecting and modifying the structure of the TS
•  Integrated real-time TS analyzer for detecting the transmission errors
•  Capability of producing from any ASI input signal 8 identical IP data streams with different IP/port values
•  Diagnostics page
•  Low power consumption (typically12 W), high reliability, high life-time