asi selector front

Product Details

The CW-483x ASI SELECTOR series is built of the same modules. The inputs are of bridged type here, too. Any of the inputs can be selected to the output, which is of doubled type. Selection of the desired input can be made both from the front panel and by control via the CW-Bus or the Internet.

Main features:

•  Processing of both continuous and burst format ASI signals
•  Bridged ASI transport stream inputs
•  Remote control and monitoring through the CW-Bus and the Internet
•  ASI parameters complying with TM 1449 Rev.1.
•  All inputs and outputs separated fromthe frame by transformers

Ordering data:

Type Number of
selectors in
the frame
Number of the
bridged inputs
Number of the
double outputs
 CW-4831  1  2  1
 CW-4832  3  2  1
 CW-4833  1  3  1
 CW-4834  2  3  1
 CW-4835  1  8  1