TS Generator and Inserter front

Product Details

The CW-4881 Transport Stream Generator & Inserter is capable to insert TS packetes into the incoming transport stream. The device also can work as a TS Generator. It is equipped with two flash memories of 32 Mbits each. One of them is operating and the other can be programmed from the user’s computer. The packets written in the memory can be fit with programmable timing in the input transport stream replacing the null packets, or can be delivered at the output as an original transport stream.

The device has ASI input and output and IP based management port.


• Generation of EPG, CAT, SDT, NIT, BAT and similar repetitive data streams

• Generation and implantation of set-top box upgrading software

• Generation of streams carrying logos and advertising spots

• Generation of data streams for information channels

• Retrieval of TS packets up to 32 Mbit size from flash memory