QAM Modulator-8 CW-4268


Product Details

CW-4268 is capable of producing 4 + 4 adjacent QAM channels in two independent groups, from 50 to 850 MHz output frequency range in 12.5 kHz raster. The input of the device is Gigabit IP.

Main features:
•  Direct QAM technology – output signal produced directly on the carrier frequency
•  32-, 64-, 128- and 256 QAM mode according to EN 300 429 (Annex A)
•  2×4 adjacent output channels in the 50-850 MHz band in 12.5 kHz raster, with the possibility of switching on and off the channels individually
•  Transport stream feeding through gigabit IP input in unicast or multicast mode
•  NIT-actual replacing option
•  High output level stability, high signal purity;suitable for building multichannel systems
•  Low power consumption (approx. 15 W), high reliability

Ordering data:

CW-4268 QAM Modulator with separated data and management port

CW-4268 QAM Modulator with common data and management port