ts remux CW*4855 front

Product Details

Transport Stream Remultiplexer with 4 loop-through ASI inputs and doubled ASI output, and with additional IP output in programmed state.


•  4 loop-through ASI inputs, doubled ASI output
•  In programmed state the device can deliver also unicast and multicast IP output signal
•  All PID values can be filtered and remapped
•  128 Mbit internal buffer (SDRAM)and statistical PCR corrector
•  Processing VBR streams by storing the peaks and spreading them out
•  12 PSI Inserters with a free programmable 32 MByte background storage
•  Expressive diagnostics page for inspecting the operation parameters
•  Low power consumption (typically 25 W), high reliability, long life-time 

Ordering data:
CW-4855  TRANSPORT STREAM Remultiplexer 4 ASI inputs, ASI and IP output, 500 ns PCR corrector, advanced VBR stream handling