TS REMULTIPLEXER CW-4852, CW-4854, CW-4858

tsremux front

Product Details

CableWorld's first generation remultiplexer family.


•  Output data rate range programmable in a wide range
•  PID filtering and PID re-mapping facility
•  Handling of the PAT, PMT, SDT and NIT tables, facility for inserting user packets
•  Loop-through ASI inputs and double ASI output
•  Facility for analyzing transport stream at all inputs and the output
•  Setting and programming with external PC in Windows environment, operation without computer
•  24 on-off switchable automatic PCR correctors
•  19” × 1 HU frame, low power consumption, continuous service 

Ordering data:
CW-4852 TS REMULTIPLEXER 2 ASI inputs, ASI output

CW-4854 TS REMULTIPLEXER 4 ASI inputs, ASI output

CW-4858 TS REMULTIPLEXER 8 ASI inputs, ASI output