EPG Remultiplexer CW-4955

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Product Details

A popular service of digital television the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is more and more demanded by the subscribers. Therefore cable television providers, who already cope with remultiplexing the program packages,  would like to remultiplex the EPG data streams with the same ease. For this job CableWorld offers the CW-4955 64-Channel EPG Remultiplexer, which starting from the incoming MPTS and SPTS data streams produces individual EPG data streams per program.


• 4 loop-through ASI inputs and 60 IP inputs with multicast and unicast connection
• Gigabit IP input and IP output with connection overUTP cable or optionally over optical cable
• Physically and logically separated IP input and IP output
• 64 free configurable output streams
• Facility for Service Identifier and TS Identifier Remapping
• Low power consumption (typically 20 W), high reliability, long life-time 

Ordering data:

CW-4955 64-Channel EPG Remultiplexer with 4 ASI and 60 IP inputs, for producing 64 EPG data streams