MPEG-4 Encoder CW-4411, CW-4412

MPEG 4 ENC Front
MPEG 4 ENC FrontMPEG 4 ENC back

Product Details

The MPEG-4 Encoder receives at its input the video signal and the accompanying audio signal, performs their compression according to the H.264 standard and outputs them in SPTS (Single Program Transport Stream) form over both ASI and IP output. The output transport stream includes the most important PSI/SI tables (PAT, PMT, SDT, NIT), thus in simpler systems the encoder can be applied even without using a remultiplexer. The device can receive multiple analogue and digital signal formats: CVBS or S-Video, YPrPb as well as HDMI and SDI.


•  Analogue video inputs: CVBS or S-Video and YPrPb
•  Processing and inserting the data of the vertical blanking interval of the CVBS signal (teletext, VPS, WSS etc.)
•  Analogue audio inputs: two-channel asymmetrical or two-channel symmetrical
•  Digital audio inputs: HDMI, SD/HD-SDI (with embedded audio)
•  One or two double ASI outputs and/or common unicast/multicast IP output
•  One or two independent MPEG-4 encoders with SPTS output
•  Ten parameter sets (default settings) with one-button selection, with individual modification possibility
•  SD (720 × 576 50i, 720 × 480 60i) and HD resolution (max. 1920 × 1080 50i, 1920 × 1080 60i)
•  Resolution conversion from HD to SD
•  Automatic 100Base-T and 1000Base-T network recognition and display, full-duplex mode
•  Programming and inspecting via separate management port from web interface or through gigabit Ethernet network
•  Advanced programmed circuitry, low power consumption


Ordering data:

No. Type Analogue video inputs Analogue audio inputs Output
1 CW-4411.10  YPrPb + CVBS  asymmetrical  ASI + IP
2 CW-4411.11  YPrPb + CVBS  symmetrical  ASI + IP
3 CW-4411.20  YPrPb + S-Video  asymmetrical  ASI + IP
4 CW-4411.21  YPrPb + S-Video  symmetrical  ASI + IP
5 CW-4412.10  YPrPb + CVBS  asymmetrical  ASI + IP
6 CW-4412.20    YPrPb + S-Video      asymmetrical  ASI + IP

PIP OPTION: Picture in Picture option for the MPEG-4 Encoder (only for CW4412.xx)

AAC AUDIO OPTION: AAC audio for the MPEG-4 Encoders