QAM Modulator CW-4261, CW-4262, CW-4264, CW-4265

Product Details

The CW-4261, CW-4262, CW-4264 and CW-4265 QAM modulators are equipped with Microtune’s integrated converters providing high outputlevel and high signal purity, which are required for building headends with high number of channels.

Main features:
•  QPSK, 16-, 32-, 64-, 128- and 256 QAM mode
•  CW-4261 and CW-4264: ASI transport stream input (loop-through type)
•  CW-4262 and CW-4265: IP input with unicast and multicast mode
•  TS processing with SDRAM input buffer, programmable stuffing unit, null packet remover and PCR corrector
•  CW-4261 and CW-4264: integrated TS Analyzer
•  CW-Net device control and monitoring system
•  One QAM modulator (CW-4261 and -62) or four QAM modulators (CW-4264 and -65) in one 19” × 1 HU cabinet
•  High level output, high output level stability, high signal purity
•  Fan cooling
•  Suitability for building systems with high number of channels